About Us

About MondoNBA

MondoNBA is a news blog dedicated to the sport of basketball. Given the popularity of the National Basketball Association (NBA), much of our content will focus on this league. That being said, one of our primary objectives is to  relay information about basketball news and events on a global scale, not only within the US.

While we are not your standard popular news site (e.g. ESPN, Fox Sports, etc), and therefore cannot provide “all-access” news that many of us have become accustomed to, we do offer a very unique perspective into the sport of basketball, one that many people find interesting.


Who Are Our Authors?

We will have a few different individuals writing for us over the course of this blog. All of us are passionate about basketball, whether it be favoring the NBA, international basketball, basketball as a business, nutrition and training in basketball, etc.

Moreover, our perspective is not influenced by external factors like financial situations, editors, politics, etc. We are our own bosses who love basketball and simply want to incorporate our passion into a hobby (aside from playing it!). Our material may interest those who have payed basketball in more than one country, basketball enthusiasts who care about more than just the NBA, and anyone looking for a unique, albeit random, perspetive on basketball news and events.


NBA vs International Basketball

The heading to this paragraph is a contradiction in itself. Although they are separate entities, the NBA and international basketball are not mutually exclusive. As we all know, the NBA has a good number of players who hail from different countries, with many of these players being superstars. That, combined with the fact that the NBA is awesome, will lead to a good chunk of focus on NBA basketball, but we will always try to put a global spin on it.


Take Away Message

At the end of the day, what really matters is that we write material that people enjoy and find interesting. If there are articles that you are particularly interested in and want more information, or simply want to provide feedback, please click here to send us a note!