Quick Links to Resources

Other Site with Good Info

National Basketball Association – This is the official website for the NBA. With tons of news and events surrounding the league, players, staff, games, and anything to do with the NBA, chances are you can find what your looking for here if it is about the NBA. They often place more attention on global basketball in the off-season, but nevertheless, there’s information on that year-round as well, it may just be a bit more difficult to find.


International Basketball Association – If you’re looking for strictly international basketball, then this is the best starting point. This is the official site of FIBA, and as such, there is tons of information about basketball on a global scale, and is a great resource for events, especially the bigger international basketball events.


Olympic Basketball – This is the official website of the Olympic movement, and this particular page is about basketball. There is way more information available when the Olympics are taking place, but even in non-Olympic years, there is some good information here about international basketball and the Olympic Games in general.


Basketball Training – This is a good resource for basketball coaching drills, training regimes, nutrition guidelines (less info), and anything to get you and/or your team ready to start playing! This site has less to do with news and events and more so the actual game play itself. Maybe less usefull for a casual “newsy” read, and more useful for actually practicing basketball and workouts for basketball.